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Get Control of Your Life Podcast

Get Control Of Your Life is a podcast about growing a strong and fruitful life. We share inspiration and insight from a variety of sources—all designed to help you get unstuck and take your life to the next level. We invite you to visit our website at where we share inspiration and principles related to Career, Health and Fitness, Money, Personal Development, Relationships and Spirituality.

020: Growing A Successful Life

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dr-regina-lewisThis is a great podcast to kick off the new year. Dr. Regina Lewis & Dr. Deb discuss strategies for growing a successful life. What is the difference between motivation and inspiration? How do you make big goals achievable? How do you push through the dips? We discuss developing a lifestyle of success, not one-hit wonders.

“Whenever you make it to the top of the mountain, it just makes it easier to see the next summit.” – La Vonne Neal, Northern Illinois University

Check out Dr. Lewis’s website here.

Read about Dr. Lewis’s body building competitions.

We mentioned, The Dip, by Seth Godin. It’s a great little book about handling walls you encounter in life. The key is knowing when to surrender and when to push through.

019: Change Your Perceptions, Change Your Life

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We all view the world from our limited perspectives. We selectively perceive through our senses, organize what we taken in via our personal mind maps, then make judgments based on our unique personalities, culture and experiences. Realizing that we and others live out of our perceptions is key in understanding how we and others do life so differently, and essential for navigating relationships. Dr. Regina Lewis and Dr. Deb discuss this key area that is central to personal success, and why chaning our perceptions is often important in order to move forward.

ReginaLewis“What got you HERE won’t get you THERE.” – Dr. Regina Lewis

To read more about Dr. Lewis’ speaking and training work, visit her website:

You can contact her at:

Articles related to this topic can be found at Get Control Of Your Life:

Perception Checking

Know Thyself (with information about the Johari Window)

Finding Fault that explains the challenge to be loving when we just want to be right

Dr. Lewis mentioned Ruby Payne’s work on understanding poverty. You can read more about her here: Check out here books here

018: Love God Hate Church?

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Don’t like to go to church but want a deep spiritual life? Starting with his own journey, Jack Woloshun talks with Dr. Deb talk about faith, belonging and laying down your life as a gift to others. This is an affirming message for those who find they don’t fit into many current religious systems and therefore feel they have no place at the spiritual table.

017: How You Think Matters

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Jack with Ava, one of his granddaughters

Jack Woloshun and Dr. Deb discuss theological & philosophical views that determine how you live your life. How you view how the world works really does influence what you value and the choices you make.

At the end we mention a documentary, Lord Save Us From Your Followers. You may find it a refreshing take on the faith, especially if you are one who has been hurt by the church or otherwise found that you no longer fit.

016: Living Intentionally

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Jack & his wife Stacia

Jack & his wife Stacia having fun at a hockey game

Jack Woloshun talks about his faith, friends, finding his core purpose and living intentionally. A former football coach, Jack is a father, grandfather, pastor, mentor, carpet layer and friend to many, many people. He has a knack for sharing truths in non-religious terms that is very refreshing. After you listen to this episode, you will KNOW JACK!

015: Overcoming Adversity pt 2

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Carrie Riffee

Carrie Riffee

This is the 2nd part of an interview with Carrie Riffee, telling her story of pushing through adversity to get control of her life. We hear how she was accepted to Colorado College and Harvard, wrote state legislation and came back to work at the community college where she started school–all after surviving an abusive marriage and after living with her three kids under a bridge.

014: Overcoming Adversity pt 1

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Carrie Riffee

Carrie Riffee

This is the first of a 2-part interview with Carrie Riffee telling her story of pushing through all that life threw at her to get control of her life. It’s a story that includes abuse, illness, homelessness, Harvard, writing state legislation and a deep commitment to helping others. If you have ever been victimized, discouraged or challenged to get past your “stuff,” Carrie’s story will surely inspire you.

13: Top Technologies to Get Control Of Your Life

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Rodney Blevins and Dr. Deb talk about some of their favorite technologies that help them get control of their lives. (Some of these would make wonderful gifts!) Here are links to some of the items mentioned:


Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet This single-serving blender is perfect for making breakfast smoothies. Start the day out right by drinking a healthy meal (on the go) with whatever you want to add. There are lots of recipes out there; Dr. Deb’s includes frozen blueberries, mixed fruit and banana, orange juice, whey protein powder, greens (like spinach, etc. if on hand; you won’t even taste them), lecithin and collagen.

Audible books Awesome way to learn while on the go. Listen to audio books while driving, doing chores, gardening, waiting for appointments, etc. Is great for people who have trouble focusing or sitting still.

A History of the World in Six Glasses by Tom Standage (audio book) An example of the many non-fiction books available from Audible.


Amazon Kindle

Kindle reading devices Dedicated ebook reading devices available from Amazon. Kindle reading devices include features that are unique, like 1 free checkout per month (with Amazon Prime) and (on the Fire), text to voice for listening.

Kindle app Available for your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. The app is free and allows you to access Kindle books from Amazon.

I Love Kindle article by Dr. Deb An past article on the advantages of reading electronic books.

Podcasts iOS (Apple) app Listen to free podcasts by downloading this app for iOS (Apple) devices. The app now comes standard with iOS8.


Roku Streaming Box

Stitcher for Android and Apple Another app that makes it easy to access podcasts. Is probably the best choice for Android devices.

iTunes Podcasts The iTunes library has more podcasts than any other service.

Digital Bible.  You Version online Bible and smartphone app Choose from hundreds of reading plans including year-long, whole or partial bible, seasonal (like Advent), and thematic (family, youth, grief, hope, trust, suffering, friendship, etc.). Also features hundreds of translations in many languages. You can easily switch between versions to compare texts. Some versions allow you to listen to professional narration while you read.

Spoken Word audio Bible iOS app Listen to the bible from your device. Dr. Deb enjoyed this using her iPhone in the past.


Amazon Echo

Steaming TV – Roku Cut the cable (or satellite) subscription and access thousands of free programs using a streaming box that you connect to you TV. Streaming devices include Apple TV, Kindle Fire TV, Google Chromecast and many more. Access apps for free and only subscribe to pay services you want like Netflix and Hulu Plus ($8/month each) and Amazon movies & TV (many included with annual Prime subscription).

Amazon Echo The newest device from Amazon. You can talk to Echo to ask for information, news, weather and more. Will stream music from Amazon as well as from your smart devices via Bluetooth. (This would make an awesome Christmas gift, wink wink.)

012: Living Luxuriously On Any Budget

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Rodney Blevins

Rodney Blevins

Dr. Deb

Dr. Deb

Rodney Blevins and Dr. Deb talk about financial principles to help you live on any budget but still feel like you can indulge in some luxuries.

1. Get on a budget (We recommend YNAB software to do your budget and keep track of all your accounts. Click here to try the desktop software free for 30-days & purchase it for $6 off.

2. Save for things you want; don’t buy them on credit when you don’t have the money.

3. Live simply, then little things become luxuries.

4. Pick your 2-3 luxury items that are important to you. These can be as simple as a quality brand of Ketchup to an awesome espresso machine.

011: Top Must-Have Phone Apps

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Rodney Blevins

Rodney Blevins

Dr. Deb chats with Get Control Of Your Life webmaster, Rodney Blevins, about their favorite smartphone apps that help them be productive, save money & have fun.

Rodney’s List: (in no particular order)

  • RunKeeper
  • Google Maps
  • Amazon Music
  • Converter & Converter Plus
  • Car insurance company app (like Geico)
  • Local news station app (weather alerts, etc.)
  • Dr. Deb

    Dr. Deb

    Walmart Savings Catcher

  • Kindle

Deb’s list: (in no particular order)

  • Podcast (for iOS) or Stitcher for Android
  • Sleep Cycle
  • Bank apps (like 1st Bank & Wells Fargo)
  • TV Guide
  • Reminders (iOS) or other to-do apps like Tada
  • NPR (or other news apps)
  • Audible
  • WeatherBug
  • Grocery store app (like Safeway, etc.)
  • YNAB (The app companion to the financial desktop software You Need A Budget. Click on the name to receive a $6 discount on purchase of the desktop version)