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Get Control of Your Life Podcast

Get Control Of Your Life is a podcast about growing a strong and fruitful life. We share inspiration and insight from a variety of sources—all designed to help you get unstuck and take your life to the next level. We invite you to visit our website at where we share inspiration and principles related to Career, Health and Fitness, Money, Personal Development, Relationships and Spirituality.

030: Reinventing Yourself

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Change is an inevitable part of life and how we negotiate change makes all the difference. Transitions in career and relationships as well as life-altering events give us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves. In this conversation, Dr. Regina Hopewell shares her life story and highlights principles she’s learned to make successful transitions.Hopewells

The Center on Just Living site explains Regina and her husband Mark’s work on sustainability and justice issues.

They also offer a list of fantastic resources.

Resources Regina shared include:

Living on Purpose by Tom & Christine Sine

Walking Gently on the Earth by By Lisa Graham McMinn and Megan Anna Neff

Everyday Justice by Julie Clawson

029: Cheating, Lying & Deception

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In this always-timely discussion, Jeannette Slater & Dr. Deb talk about ways we cheat, lie and deceive, how we justify them, and the implications on our relationships and society. This continues a discussion on a philosophy that everything we do and communicate has significant impact on the universe, because everything is connected and everything is spiritual.

Dr. Deb

Dr. Deb

Jeannette Slater

Jeannette Slater

028: Community Gathered & Community Scattered

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ToJeannette&Debday we can be connected to people in real time all over the world. We share our lives with those who are physically close to us, and those who are far away. We connect face-to-face and via our devices. In this interesting conversation, Jeannette Slater and Dr. Deb talk about the advantages and challenges of community gathered and community scattered, and how we might be intentional to build both.

Are you ready for a new community? You won’t believe the number out there. You might check out for some idea of the many interests that gather folks.


027: Ultimativty

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NathanSlaterAuthor of We’re Only Human and Gut Check, Nathan Slater discusses his unifying philosophy based on reality. He addresses the age-old question, “Why are some people able to overcome adversity while others aren’t?”

The Ultimativity website:

Ultimatively Facebook page:

We mention a previous Get Control article on Perceptions you may find helpful in light of this discussion.


026: Going Nowhere in Every Direction

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Lacking a sense of direction can cause us to wander aimlessly. In this episode, you’ll learn from Dr. MelindaJoy Mingo about living with purpose and intention. She uses Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz to describe key principles we can implement to get growing.MJ2

MJ is a life-changer. Whether she’s teaching, preaching, coaching or consulting,  she always brings a fresh, inspiring and articulate message.

“There is no comfort when we are in a growth place. And there is no growth if we choose to remain in the comfort zone.”



025: Identity

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In this important episode, Dr. MelindaJoy Mingo uses her own journey to talk about the need to find your own identity. A subject she’s passionate about, MJ says, “Identity is not what people call you; it’s what you answer to.” 

During the conversation, MJ shared several quotes and resources:

Frederick Douglas: “I prefer to be true to myself even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false and incur my own abhorrence or hatred.”

Phillip Zombardo’s prison experiment conducted at Stanford University in 1971:

Documentary about Iowa Teacher Jane Eliott’s “Blue Eyes Brown Eyes” study:

Max Lucado’s children’s book, You Are Special: A Story for Everyone. Find the paperback on Amazone here.  or the Kindle edition here.

Memorable quotes:MJ

“Sometimes it’s not a pedicure we need, it’s not a manicure; we just need a cure.”

“We are like all others; we’re human beings.”

“We’re like some others” (that’s our learned culture).

“I’m like none other.”

It’s not what people call you. It’s what you choose to answer to.

024: Timeless Wisdom

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This episode features 83-year-old Sally Woloshun, one of the most loving people I’ve ever met. She is my friend and the mother of Jack Woloshun, whom you’ve heard in previous episodes. Slow down and listen to this lovely grandmother describe what true love is about, how to get through hard times, and her prescription for what we need today.


Jack & Sally Woloshun

Since this recording was made, mama Sally has been diagnosed with lung cancer. So if you are one likely to talk to the man upstairs, send up some love and prayers for her.

023: Contemplative Doodling

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Lectio Divina is the ancient art of scriptural reading and prayer to promote communication with God. Shini Abraham, has developed what she calls, Duco Divina, or contemplative doodling. She has always doodled, but began using it as a meditation tool to work through pain and draw near to God. In this episode, Shini explains the practice, how to do it, and generally about using specific tools and practices to help both clear and focus our minds and hearts.

Visit Shini’s website where you can also order her bookSA profile

Visit the Duco Divina Facebook page

Read Shini’s Get Control article on doodling

Read the Yes and No article we discuss in the podcast


022: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

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callihan_kristyAssistant Communication Professor, Kristy Callihan, talks about the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy and how it affects our success in life. The process of envisioning success or failure determines what we will do—what steps we put or don’t put in place in order to do well. This isn’t some new-age notion or hocus pocus/touchy-feeling expectation, but rather a reality in what we set ourselves up for.

In the episode we made reference to these articles on


Know Thyself

Watch Kristy’s YouTube video on Self-Fulfilling Prophecy here:

021: Innovation Institute

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Harold_AndresenCar mechanics and engineers are some of the most creative people I know. Harold Andresen is one of those. After owning his own car repair shop for years, he followed his heart for the physically challenged and started The Innovation Institute. It might as well be called, “Machines That Matter,” because it gives disabled craftsmen the chance to fix and improve their own medical devices, but also to create and modify machines to help others—like modifying golf carts that support wheel chairs so disabled kids can go on joy 547380_178169609002645_12910636_nrides to laugh and feel the wind in their faces. For a few brief moments, they forget their disability.

But the story is more than using engineering and problem solving to better the lives of wheelchair friends. It’s a story of forgiveness, dealing with disabilities, giving to others, having fun and feeling useful.

934038_193624924123780_816700858_nHarold’s message to you: “I have the one-liners all over my life, my desk and my phone, my shop, the garage. I think finding what works for you is really important. So if you’re favorite song really keeps you motivated to press in to something significant, then you should spend a lot of time letting that favorite song go through your head. But if it’s just your self talk and words, that’s fine too. And if it’s actually doing, you’ve just got to get out in the garage and make stuff, that’s great. And if it’s go to the park and meet 525761_221307141355558_132158436_npeople, that’s just great. We have so few molds in our culture of how to do it right; I think that’s the thing I try to avoid. I would say you’ve got to figure out where you’re niche is, where you’re energized, and try to stay close to that. It may be weird to everybody else, but if it works for you and keeps you going…perseverance, hope, motivation, those are precious commodities; we all need more of those…This whole concept, people are finally out of the backrooms, where we can get some help on a regular basis to say what can I do to move forward—getting motivated keep going. Taking advantage of the help that’s out there, I’d say that’s also a big deal.”

Vist the Innovstion Institute Facebook page here.

See the promotional video here: