14 Apr 2015

We’ve all heard the term, “Be fruitful and multiply.” Didn’t God say that to the first humans in the beginning? Jeannette and I (Dr. Deb)  agree that multiplication can take...


09 Apr 2015

“Interdependence is the relationship between two or more living things where each one benefits from the other.” I love that definition.* Introduction by Dr. Deb: In my interpersonal communication class...

Being and Doing

24 Mar 2015

Are you chronically busy? Or are you sometimes content to just sit, enjoy the moment, and be? The Western world has pretty much made an idol of busyness. Work is...

Not my Monkey

11 Mar 2015

All of us have them…friends and acquaintances that seem to thrive on drama and poor choices. It seems like every time you talk with them, something crazy is happening in...

Jelly Beans pt 2

11 Feb 2015

Only read this if you’ve already read Jelly Beans pt 1.  The is pt 2 of an article by guest writer, Karissa Wenner. According to research done by Bonnie Ware,...

Jelly Beans Pt.1

09 Feb 2015

The following is an article written by Karissa Wenner. As a student of mine, she presented the following in a speech. I encouraged her to turn it into an post...


28 Jan 2015

When I was a little girl, my family used to visit my grandparents in Iowa. Grandma was always so kind and generous; it was like she couldn’t give me enough....

Just Get Along

27 Nov 2014

“Can’t we all get along?” is a famous quote by Rodney King, a black man whose brutal beating by Los Angeles police during racial riots in 1992 was captured on...

Finding Fault

24 Nov 2014

“…the disciples were finding fault with each other because they had forgotten to bring bread.”* Jesus’ followers were crossing a large lake when they realized they had no lunch. So...

Giving To Others

20 Nov 2014

Comedian Michael Jr. likes to make people laugh. But one day he realized his big break, and it wasn’t what you would think. Giving to others happens in many ways....

Valuing Relationships

21 Oct 2014

Twenty friends had gathered to celebrate my birthday. What was lovely is that the evening was not all about me, it was about friendships. Some were new friends, some relationships...

3 Little Words

04 Sep 2014

Grant James is a well-known actor and friend of mine from Dallas. In fact’ he’s in Dumb and Dumber To with Jim Carrey that will be released in November. Jim recently had a...

Myers-Briggs 1

19 Aug 2014

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality test to help you learn about yourself and others. You can use the Myers-Briggs to help you understand: How you get energized...


17 Apr 2014

Serving sometimes gets a bad rap. It’s tempting to think that servants are somehow lower than the people they serve. It’s just not so.

You Are Contagious

02 Apr 2014

Most of the world has an identity that is tied to their group. Africans, Asians, Latinos and Middle Easterners have a sense of connection; they know they need each other,...


22 Jan 2014

We all have to fit into various roles in our families, careers and life. Here is an article about adjusting and making roles fit you rather just making you fit...


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