002: Living With Purpose

20 Aug 2014

In episode 002, Dr. Deb interviews John Henry about Living With Purpose. John is the director of student mobilization at University of the Nations. He introduces students to overseas volunteer projects....

Myers-Briggs 1

19 Aug 2014

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality test to help you learn about yourself and others. You can use the Myers-Briggs to help you understand: How you get energized...


13 Aug 2014

What are you willing to risk? While this may be a legitimate question in a poker game, it is also an essential life question. We all know that risk is...

Shut Up!

06 Aug 2014

Maintaining sanity in a noisy world is more and more challenging. Everybody wants a piece of us, from advertisers to kids to needy friends. It’s ok to have boundaries. In...

Seek and Serve

19 Jul 2014

I recently had a brush with my own mortality. I wasn’t aware of it, but I was told the surgery was just in time. Since then, I have been flooded...

You Can Do It!

08 Jul 2014

I did it! My fancy automatic espresso machine was jacked; it seemed to have a problem, and I couldn’t figure out if it was mechanical or electrical. Turns out, it...

Never Enough

01 Jul 2014

We’re never satisfied. Enough is never enough. Life seems to be a constant chase for filling what can never be filled. For some it’s food. For others it’s shopping, sex,...

Less Than You Are

26 Jun 2014

It’s common for many to grow up with phrases repeated over and over to them: “Who do you think you are?” “I don’t want you to get a big head”...

Real Food

23 Jun 2014

The irony was overwhelming. I walked into a popular fast food restaurant to use the facilities while traveling. It was a small town in Kansas surrounded by lush, fertile farmland....

There is no map

12 Jun 2014

Does the thought of finding your own way in life excite you or freak you out? Some people are very comfortable with rules. They would prefer someone to just tell...


05 Jun 2014

We need to have a healthy view of germs. There are good bacteria that are essential for life. They make is possible to grow food, break down that food in...

How Do You Take Your Scriptures?

03 Jun 2014

Varied interpretations of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian scriptures have been the center of controversy for centuries. Sunni and Shiite Muslims view the Qur’an very differently and defend their positions...

Be Kind

30 May 2014

“What I regret most in my life are failures of kindness.” So said writer George Saunders in a commencement speech at Syracuse University in May 2013. Saunders told the story of...

What Do You See?

21 May 2014

Before I bought my car, I really never noticed Kia Souls on the road. In fact, cars were just cars. However, once I started car shopping, I seemed to noticed...

World Beat

16 May 2014

There is a rhythm to the universe. Sometimes we humans connect to it. Sometimes we don’t. Here is a great example of everything in sync.

Think Like A Child

14 May 2014

A growing body of research shows that children are naturally inquisitive and creative. However, schools have a way of educating kids right out of their curiosity and imagination. 1 A whopping...

Life Tweaks

10 May 2014

How do you finish this sentence? If at first you don’t succeed take a step back, maybe a nap and have some ice cream. redefine success reload and try again...

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