041: Changing Your Mindset

15 Apr 2016

A lovely chat about relationships, theology, the universe, kids, mistakes, regLaura Thompsonrets, struggles, personal worth, turning a life around, finding positivity and purpose.  Laura Thompson is a wife, mother, and owner of small businesses. Mostly she’s a happy, peaceful, articulate, fun and normal person who thinks about what is real and good and is trying to live life to the best she can.

Laura’s essential oils website: http://www.iomaioilers.com

A short video on Denmark, named the happiest place on earth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_jo69ZTwbE



  1. I really enjoyed the interview podcast with Mauricio from Cuba. His heart for people and his desire to describe reality for Cubans and Americans inspires me to get involved in building relationships between our two countries. There is much Cuba has to offer Americans. Thanks Mauricio!!

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