God & Your Brain

28 Sep 2015

I found this short but most interesting video about what you think of God and how it shows up in your brain when you pray. If you don’t know about Science...

Light Bulbs

21 Sep 2015

“Imagine yourself sitting in a dimly lit room, reading a book with wires connected to your brain, and every time you understood a new concept or made connections between the...

036: Get Control Of Your Emotions

20 Sep 2015

Security expert Terry Blevins shares techniques for controlling your emotions in volatile situations and stressed relationships. Recommended Resources: Humble: The Gentle Art of Asking Instead of Telling Inquiry by Edgar...


16 Sep 2015

Who do you think you are? Who are you (really)? How do you think others see you? Your self-concept is likely a combination of all of these. It is, in...

What Would You Do?

14 Sep 2015

Would you kiss butt to get a promotion? Enjoy a guest post by Terry W. Blevins: When in high school, my son told me that his personal ethics prevented him...


09 Sep 2015

The old saying is that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. I think that is not only true for flies, but for us too. Father Richard...

035: Finishing Well

06 Sep 2015

A powerful story of love, end of life issues, dealing with aging parents, doing the right thing, taking risks, perspectives, letting go and finishing well. Jack and Stacia Woloshun talk about...


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