Try This!

31 Aug 2015

A moving car is much easier to steer than a parked one. So says the cliché about moving forward in life. But personally, I think it’s a good one. While...

We’re All Connected

26 Aug 2015

This week I went back to school…not as a student, but as a teacher at a community college where I’ve taught for almost five years.. I teach communication courses, so...

034: Life Stages & States

22 Aug 2015

Jeannette Slater & Dr. Deb discuss personal growth in light of what some have identified as life stages & states. The conversation was somewhat sparked by a brief article published...

What do you see?

19 Aug 2015

What do you see when you see people? A problem with living in a world filled with judgments and classifications is that we don’t always look at others in positive...


18 Aug 2015

Last week I went to an awesome concert. It was at one of the top venues in the world, the Red Rocks natural amphitheater in Colorado. The setting was almost...


08 Aug 2015

It dropped from the sky just three days after the other one. The first was an atom bomb, the equivalent of 15 thousand tons of TNT that exploded above Hiroshima,...

033: Boundless

08 Aug 2015

Bryan Bishop has been writing stories for many years but is new to the book scene. After conducting interviews and doing research around the world for almost 20 years, he...


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