28 Jan 2015

When I was a little girl, my family used to visit my grandparents in Iowa. Grandma was always so kind and generous; it was like she couldn’t give me enough....


27 Jan 2015

It’s the new year, so you have likely been thinking about (and hearing about) resetting aspects of your life. There is a sense in January that one can start over....

Yes and No

22 Jan 2015

This time of year, everyone is saying what you need to do more of. The message is that you need to say YES to vegetables. YES to going to the...

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

19 Jan 2015

Joe Cross found himself overweight, feeling terrible and on multiple medications for an auto-immune disease. He was fat, sick and nearly dead! He decided he didn’t want to live that...

Hope for 2015!

01 Jan 2015

Hope. There is something hopeful about new things. New babies seem to represent the promise of a bright future. Springtime brings new life from the death and dormancy of autumn...


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