What Is Advent?

30 Nov 2014

Holiday music is playing in the stores.  Newspapers land on doorsteps swollen to twice their normal size because of ads. Boxes are pulled from attics and garages with adornments for...

Podcast Update

27 Nov 2014

As of November 27th (Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.), the Get Control podcast series has 15 episodes available. If you don’t know what a podcast is, click here to find...

Just Get Along

27 Nov 2014

“Can’t we all get along?” is a famous quote by Rodney King, a black man whose brutal beating by Los Angeles police during racial riots in 1992 was captured on...

Finding Fault

24 Nov 2014

“…the disciples were finding fault with each other because they had forgotten to bring bread.”* Jesus’ followers were crossing a large lake when they realized they had no lunch. So...

Giving To Others

20 Nov 2014

Comedian Michael Jr. likes to make people laugh. But one day he realized his big break, and it wasn’t what you would think. Giving to others happens in many ways....

Magic Eraser

03 Nov 2014

Mr. Clean has a whole line of “Magic Erasers” that promise to remove dirt, scuffs, soap scum and other nastiness of life. But what if there was a product to...


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