30 Oct 2014

The sea is a completely different world than we experience everyday. Perhaps that’s why so many people love to escape by diving or snorkeling. Check out this amazing underwater video;...

Valuing Relationships

21 Oct 2014

Twenty friends had gathered to celebrate my birthday. What was lovely is that the evening was not all about me, it was about friendships. Some were new friends, some relationships...

010: Rate Your Life

14 Oct 2014

We all need tools to help us measure our lives and track our progress. The Wheel of Life is a great tool that helps you rate career, health & fitness, money,...

009: Living Creatively

08 Oct 2014

We are all creative. Though some of us have conformed to the status quo, thinking that made us good members of the group. But it’s the people who try new things, do things...

What Is A Podcast?

07 Oct 2014

“Podcast” refers to audio or video content that is available through the Internet. There are thousands of podcasts (more than 115,000 in English alone) that offer content as diverse as...


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