008: The Two Halves Of Life

30 Sep 2014
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Jeannette Slater
Dr. Deb

Dr. Deb has another conversation with life coach, Jeannette Slater. We talk about the two halves of life: our younger self where we build our box (where we discover who we are and how we’ll spend our life) and our older self (where the focus and many priorities change, and we live out of our box). This is a concept made popular by Franciscan, Richard Rohr in his book, Falling Upward: A spirituality for the two halves of life. You can purchase the book from Barnes and Noble by clicking on the book title. It is a great concept to consider no matter which half of life you’re in. You can read more about Richard Rohr and access his many resources by clicking here to visit his website.

  1. As you were talking about Steve Jobs and the Wright brothers, I couldn’t help thinking that this perfectly illustrates one of the central principles of supply side economics–that supply creates demand. As you know, economics is an intense interest of mine. The man who’s written about this more eloquently and comprehensively than any other is the great George Gilder, one of the founding members of the Discovery Institute in Seattle. Read his books, Wealth and Poverty, and Knowledge and Power; they will forever change your perspective on economics. It is the creativity of the entrepreneur who drives an economy, enacted through the biblical principle of casting your bread upon the water. The entrepreneur must first dream, conceive, then expend his own effort, labor, resources and capital to create and market, all at risk, *hoping* others will like and want what he has to offer. Only if he has been creative and ingenious enough will people be willing to part with their money for his good or service. As Jobs said, “people don’t know what they want until they see it.” But when they do see it, and it is good, it can change everything. Consider how quickly the automobile changed…well, everything in this country, not just the economy, the infrastructure, the landscape, but the very way in which we live our lives. Creativity indeed.

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