Less Than You Are

26 Jun 2014

It’s common for many to grow up with phrases repeated over and over to them: “Who do you think you are?” “I don’t want you to get a big head”...

Real Food

23 Jun 2014

The irony was overwhelming. I walked into a popular fast food restaurant to use the facilities while traveling. It was a small town in Kansas surrounded by lush, fertile farmland....

There is no map

12 Jun 2014

Does the thought of finding your own way in life excite you or freak you out? Some people are very comfortable with rules. They would prefer someone to just tell...


05 Jun 2014

We need to have a healthy view of germs. There are good bacteria that are essential for life. They make is possible to grow food, break down that food in...

How Do You Take Your Scriptures?

03 Jun 2014

Varied interpretations of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian scriptures have been the center of controversy for centuries. Sunni and Shiite Muslims view the Qur’an very differently and defend their positions...


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