Be Kind

30 May 2014

“What I regret most in my life are failures of kindness.” So said writer George Saunders in a commencement speech at Syracuse University in May 2013. Saunders told the story of...

What Do You See?

21 May 2014

Before I bought my car, I really never noticed Kia Souls on the road. In fact, cars were just cars. However, once I started car shopping, I seemed to noticed...

World Beat

16 May 2014

There is a rhythm to the universe. Sometimes we humans connect to it. Sometimes we don’t. Here is a great example of everything in sync.

Think Like A Child

14 May 2014

A growing body of research shows that children are naturally inquisitive and creative. However, schools have a way of educating kids right out of their curiosity and imagination. 1 A whopping...

Life Tweaks

10 May 2014

How do you finish this sentence? If at first you don’t succeed take a step back, maybe a nap and have some ice cream. redefine success reload and try again...

Emotional Intelligence

09 May 2014

What makes for a successful life? That is a central question behind this blog, as well as many research studies, books, leadership seminars and general conversation. For years educators and...


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