01 Nov 2013

In addition to sharing thoughts with you, I like to share resources that I find to be helpful. Here is a video on The Power of Vulnerability by Sociologist Brené Brown. It’s 20-minutes, so you’ll need some time. Take it; I think you’ll be glad you did.

  1. My favorite part was when Ms. Brown spoke of addiction and “numbing”. I deal with a large number of addicted individuals who are trying to cope in an increasingly hostile world. They numb in an attempt to block feeling the bad stuff. Like Ms. Brown said, though, you can’t selectively numb. You numb it all. By numbing the fear and the hardship, you are also numbing the love and the joy. All the best concepts seem so easy to understand once you realize them! Thanks for bringing us this, Debra. I’m vulnerable, and proud of it!

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